Rattan – A Popular Material With Special Charm

Rattan furniture is there a long time. Rattan in the Malaysian space has the origin, the vine-like rattan Palm was discovered there and their long tube fibers were used centuries ago as a raw material. Furniture, boats, even entire houses were made of this highly durable natural material. Rattan can grow up to 150 meters in the wild and is hollow not like bamboo, but is essentially massively structured, this extremely stable and yet very easy. Rattan in Europe was discovered and enjoys since then on the new popularity in the 17th century. Especially furniture from rattan did most of it. They are not only timeless, but exude a love of nature and elegance of special quality. Chairs, sofas and rattan tables especially are particularly popular here.

The perfect garden set

Particularly in southern regions there are very many rattan furniture, that are placed in the terrace and garden area. The reason for this is simple: rattan is weatherproof and coped very well with a short downpour. Also, rattan furniture may be wonderful in blazing sun.

You change neither in form nor in appearance. Rattan tables , for example, are available in bars in the Caribbean as often as in the European area. As a coffee table in the apartment as well as a small side table on the terrace. Rattan tables are still very popular today and have lost nothing in Caribbean charm and lightness . They are available in different designs and sizes and in different heights and also dyes. Because: Rattan can be wonderful color change also with a natural and breathable glaze and adapt without, that damage is added to the natural material.

A cosy lounge without rattan furniture? Unthinkable!

The fact that the weather in our latitudes from year to year is mild, the outdoor cafes and bars with large outdoor terraces are booming. To sit back during balmy summer night in a seating area of rattan furniture, a fruity cocktail to take and look at the clear starry sky, what could be better please? Exactly, if it is simply this or similar sets of rattan on the terrace. Even a small, round rattan table with two chairs is sufficient to place him on the balcony yet so narrow and tight and you have a little Caribbean flair and holiday feeling on the balcony. A so-called California variant is benches, chairs, armchairs and tables made of rattan, provided particularly in the lounge area of bars, cafés and bistros. But also for their own gardens and terraces, you find lots of lovers.

Rattan tables are particularly popular

Tables from the natural product are particularly popular. It is there in the wide range of sizes, and designs. By round and small, rectangular and spreading. With a shelf for newspapers and co. as a coffee table or side table in the bedroom. Rattan tables take not much space, are easy to transport and can be placed almost anywhere. As well, rattan shelves are hard to imagine in bathrooms. As the wetness of sanitary areas at all can have nothing to them, they are timeless and hold forever