Lights on motorways in the Netherlands soon no longer necessary

Many people associate the shiny materials with the 80s of the 20th century. However, claim scientists, that luminescence could be the answer to the future needs for sustainable energy.

You be amazed probably as simple man, how far their ideas apply. Considering even the injection of plants with special DNH, which makes them bright at night, in recital!

The designer Daan Roosegaarde and the Bauningeneurunternehmen Heijmans have the project: made radiant motorways in the Netherlands . The “radiant Highway” has the ability to absorb light and radiate it at night.

The colors that were used in this project, have many other advantages. They are weather and water resistant.

While working on the project with the bright colours for the streets, Roosegaarde thinking about an alternative. It’s trees that glow in the dark. You are on both sides of the tram brought to. It connects luminiszente bacteria from marine bacteria and injektiert them in trees. So, the glossy plants are possible.

Shining plant during the day

And how it looks at night

So you already created plant lights. An American biotechnology company that has managed earlier this year. Roosegaarde and his co-thinkers Alexander Krichevsky will now attach this invention on the concept for the streets. As a result you would like avatar brilliant trees on both sides of the highway.

We living ideas team, as you probably also provide us the most natural question: how long will it take until you can indeed replace the today famous lights by luminiszente colors and brilliant trees. Sure, one can only say that this idea not only represents a function, but is really real.

The idea is really real

Luminiszentes light on the highways in the Netherlands

It’s really just a matter of time and of will. The idea certainly soon becomes a reality.

Innovations are the most important resource and competition between countries and companies is observed exactly in this area now. We will be soon almost daily witnesses of inventions that will change the world every day.

Green Street light

Plants with special DNH